The initial agreement was reached during the meeting of Hidayet Orucov, head of Azerbaijan Republic Committe for Religious Issues, and Patriarch of Georgia Ilia the Second on 16th of November, 2009.

Note that the head ofAzerbaijan Republic State Committe for Religious issues, Hidayet Orucov arrived on Monday in Tbilisi to hold several meetings with Georgian Government officials and discuss the issues faced by Azerbaijanies who live in Georgia. State Committe had did his first meeting with Georgian Patriarch Ilia the Second. After the meeting, the Patriarch told the medias that they “discused mainly religious issues”.

“We reached an agreement that a Georgian church should be built in Baku. And we will also help to ensure that in Georgia there are no problems with Mosques and religious community here,” said Georgian Patriarch.

The restoration of two mosques in Georgia was stopped recently in the Kvemo-Kartli region, where most of the Azeri population, whose religious belief is Islam, lives. Patriarch of Georgia explained that restoration of mosques was stopped because people didn’t apply for official permission for the building process. He also stated that “we will try to solve the problem”.